cascadia bloom

Cascadia Blooms began in 2017 with a passion for providing solutions for the hemp flower industries. With such intention, it has provided a platform for farming experts and business owners to showcase various hemp CBD products. Quality is a driving force for this company as they focus more on product development than quantity. They cultivate different CBD flowers to ensure the most excellent buying experience.


Since the company focuses more on quality than quantity, there are not many choices available yet. However, the strength of their current supply leads you to realize Cascadia Blooms makes every effort to make good products. Popular choices thus far have been the Lifter Cultivar, which is a plum-colored strain that includes a sweet citrus flavor. Additionally, the Special Sauce Cascadia CBD Hemp Tops have become a favorite. The flowers are tiny, however, have a rich outer layer. Other small bundles such as the samplers provide an excellent opportunity to indulge in their best strains.


The company aims to create the best CBD Hemp in the industry with the most attractive buds available. One of the first things that customers realize is just how identical the buds are online and offline. While some producers bait customers in with great photos, only to disappoint with the actual product, the company does its best to produce quality. In fact, according to their website, what you see is exactly what you get from them.

Cascadia Blooms is a new business on the scene. However, it has thrived at the level operated. There are currently no discounts or promotions available. Cascadia farms believe so much in their product that all hemp CBD flowers are sold at full price. The only customers who have access to a discount are those who are purchasing for the first time. If you are interested in purchasing from Cascadia Blooms, you may reach them by their official website and social media. There is always a lot of information provided on their official Twitter account about different offers.

The Best Strains from Cascadia Blooms

  • Elektra – Great option for daytime smoking. Perfect option after a long and stressful time.
  • Sour Space Candy – This CBD “candy” comes in a 1-ounce bag. It has a fun and bitter taste. The scent is refreshing, as it is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. In fact, the smell resembles bubble gum. It is made mostly with b-Myrcene (7.740), Humulene (0.930), Limonene (0.754), and b-Pinene (0.605). There is a total of 13.6% CBD with the following ingredient 15.3% of CBDA.


In conclusion, is the hemp Cascadia CBD produced worth the hype? With so many other options on the market, is this one better?

According to customers, their favorite qualities are its smooth taste, mood enhancement capabilities, strength, and fragrance. Every strain is fresh and neatly trimmed, offering a mild sedative effect. Pricing is fair when comparing its quality. Credible users on an Online Review Page have also mentioned how well the CBD hemp has — regulated their stress and anxiety. It helps people who struggle with insomnia. It has also been labeled as “magical,” treating even the toughest back pains. Except for their lack of additional flavors, it looks like Cascadia Blooms is worth the hype surrounding its name. It is already dominating the industry, and it has only just started.