Fibromyalgia is a problematic illness whereby people experience various symptoms like discomfort, lack of enough sleep, cognitive problems and fatigue. What is the best medication for fibromyalgia pain? That is the question which every patient keeps asking and medics are recommending CBD oil.

The CBD oil for fibromyalgia helps in easing discomfort and enhancing sleep. For people who have migraine, bowel syndrome or any other medical condition which causes discomfort, the CBD oil might also help a lot.

Also, if you take marijuana you are likely to consume CBD however the percentage you will be taking is not known yet.

What is CBD oil for fibromyalgia?

CBD for fibromyalgia is among the various cannabinoids drawn from cannabis plants. It does not have too much mind-altering tetrahydrocannabinol cannabinoid like cannabis hence users can’t get high.

The best CBD for fibromyalgia connects with the organs located at a person’s endocannabinoid region (this is a molecular directing system for improving wellness by managing biologic systems).

The endocannabinoid system functions include managing bodily and mental activities for instance the power to remember, feeling hungry, swelling and mood. But the people who are experiencing pain caused by illnesses will only be focusing on whether this treatment will make them get better.

How does CBD oil for fibromyalgia work?

CBD or cannabinoid is drawn from cannabis plants. The main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is what makes users get high however CBD is less psychoactive compared to tetrahydrocannabinol. That is the characteristic which makes it the best treatment for easing pain and any other symptoms that affect the human mind.

CBD oil is acquired by diluting the extraction gotten from cannabis plant oils like coconut and hemp.

Fibromyalgia patients experience a lot of discomfort that comes due to the confusion that occurs whenever chemical messages are exchanged within the brain.

Fibromyalgia pain management treatment works simultaneously on various points by coming into contact with body receptors. Receptors are located all through the central and peripheral nervous system. This is also the place where discomfort signals pass. For people who are sick, this path is damaged.

Whenever a person is injured (it can be a cut, a burn or any other injury), the brain gets informed by nociceptors. In response, the brain makes the injured person feel discomfort.

Cannabidiol manages the pain felt through affecting how serotonin receptors work. These receptors are the ones that influence pain through spinal processing on nociception message.

Apart from that, CB2 receptors get activated on the skin region thus stimulating the release of endorphins. Endorphin works at opiod receptors at the peripheral sensory neurons to affect the discomfort signal from nociception message.

Additionally, any time a person is distressed it automatically produces a cannabinoid referred to as anandamide. This substance hinders the starting of pain. But unfortunately this molecule gets eliminated by amide hydrolase enzyme (a fatty acid).

The best CBD oil for fibromyalgia affects fatty acid amide hydrolase and this slows down anandamide decomposition. This additionally leads to more suppression which will help in easing the pain that patients feel.

Types and differences of CBD oil for fibromyalgia

1. PureKana

This producer provides a variety of products and their prices are reasonable. They also:

  • Offer the purest cannabinoid extracts.
  • Allow 3rd party lab tests to ensure good quality.
  • Have non-GMO organic products
  • Are non-psychoactive certified

2. CBD essence

The products offered by this company are great and they have many varieties and they have all been properly formulated. You will find cannabinoid capsules, oils, creams and tinctures.

3. Green roads world

This company provides the best form of CBD for fibromyalgia, ingestible and vaping products for multipurpose. All their products are pure and have been checked by 3rd parties to ensure quality. The products are sold between twenty four to sixty four dollars and they have very concentrated cannabinoid extracts.

4. Elixinol

They have a variety of products including cannabinoid extracts, both the flavoured ones and the unflavoured ones. You will also find mild to strong formulations. The cost of tinctures ranges from 39 to 249 dollars.

5. CBD pure

This company only centers on 3 products which are pure high quality hemp extracts. They are open with their customers and they understand the formulations and production procedure of their products. This ensures that what buyers get is excellent.

The products are created from certified organic hemp, extracted using the CO2 method and they have been checked for purity by 3rd parties.

6. Kanibi

This company offers a whole spectrum cannabinoid as tincture. You can also get cream for tropic treatment. In their formulation, there are terpenes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and phytocannabinoids.

7. Endoca

This company provides vegan, organic. Every drop contains 5mg of cannabinoid and this simplifies the dose tritration needed to ease pain. Endoca drops have beneficial terpenes and they suspend on oil that provides omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for optimized absorption.

8. Fab

This company started operating recently and they use organic hemp and their CBD drops and non-GMO and have a natural flavour. They also have MTC oil which improves bioavailability.

Their manufacturing process does not require using chemicals or any solvents. Their product is 100% pure.

9. Bluebird botanicals

15 drops of this company’s product make 25 mg CBD dosage for fibromyalgia. What they recommend about getting individual therapeutic doses is checking using the oil to determine what works for you.

There are other ingredients used and they include frankincense extract, hemp and black cumin oils.

How to use CBD oil for fibromyalgia

1. Vaping or smoking

Smoking brings instant pain-relief. The effects can last for around three hours. The two methods allow users to inhale the CBD and it gets absorbed in the lungs and blood.

2. Edibles

This entails food prepared with cannabis. Taking edibles however takes time to get the results but the effects can last for six hours.

3. Oil extracts

Patients can take oil orally or they can dissolve it in the mouth.

4. Topicals

The product can be put in topical balms or creams and get applied on the skin to minimize inflammation and ease external pain.

Benefits of CBD oil for fibromyalgia

Discomfort relieve

The oil manages the pain that patients feel. You can also benefit a lot if you take edibles such a cannabinoid gummies.

Researchers have also found out that it reduces inflammation.

Tackling insomnia

This treatment helps people who suffer from insomnia by improving sleep quality. Insomnia is actually one of the main symptoms in fibromyalgia and most illnesses.

Cancer and break down of food

Studies have proven that cannabinoid can slow down or stop the growth of tumors thus preventing cancer spread. Another benefit of cannabinoid is that it’s less toxic compared to most cancer treatments. It can also assist patients to deal with cancer side effects.

This treatment is also good for food breakdown which improves digestion. During chemotherapy for instance, digestion can be difficult since the patients vomit often.

Easing anxiety

Studies have shown that cannabinoid is beneficial to individuals dealing with anxiety. It is able to alter how the brain responds to things. Also, if you are dealing with disorders like social anxiety, panic and stress, cannabinoid can be a good treatment.

Treating any other pain-related problem

This product has additionally been found to lower refractory pain, headache, bowel syndrome and several other pain-related conditions.

Effects of CBD oil for fibromyalgia

Research about fibromyalgia and CBD oil has been done and more is still going on. Researchers have found that cannabinoid can help in relieving pain, improving sleep quality and minimizing refractory pain in fibromyalgia patients. As per the research findings, this treatment has the power to alter the way human beings processes pain which in turn brings positive effects.

Researchers also found that this product affects the levels of serotonin, anandamine and even apioid which all influence how pain is perceived by human beings.

The above effects are however not felt by all fibromyalgia patients because every human being is unique. Researchers say that pain relieve comes about due to the effects that take place in the brain. This treatment works by affecting the paths of the nerves. It also minimizes inflammation which in turn contributes to relieving pain.

Another good effect of cannabinoid oil is acne treatment. Acne comes about due to factors such as too much release of sebum, bacteria and genetics. Studies have proven that due to the anti-inflammatory properties in cannabinoid, it can also be used to treat acne. But more research needs to be done before approving as a treatment for people dealing with acne.

Side effects of CBD oil for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia pain meds just like all other medications used to treat other diseases have side effects. But the side effects of cannabinoid are not difficult to handle. Some of the side effects that patients should expect include:

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Change in appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Drying of the mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Low blood pressure
  • Change in weight.

Also cannabinoid has an affect the enzyme which helps the liver to break down drugs. And the side effects differ from one patient to the other since every human being is unique.

Also, an experiment was performed on mice and it was found that this treatment contributed to liver toxicity.

Drug interaction should also be expected with this product. So, if you are taking any drugs or any supplements, you must consult your doctor about it.

Also, just like in grapes, cannabinoid has an effect on cytochromes P450 (the enzymes that play a very important role in medicine metabolism).

It is good to consult a medic before taking CBD oil. He/she will advice on CBD and blood pressure, drug interactions and any side effects that patients experience. But generally, cannabidiol is not harmful to users.


How is cannabinoid taken?

You first need to consult a medic before taking it for fibromyalgia relief. Especially if you are under other medication, the health expert will determine whether cannabinoid will be good for you or not.

The product can be taken in capsules, topical, vaping, tinctures and sublinguals. When taking it, ensure to adhere to instructions indicated on the package.

Does cannabinoid make one high?

No it doesn’t. The psychoactive product which makes people high is THC. There are no psychoactive properties in cannabinoid. And even though some products might have traces of THC, it is not enough to make a person feel high.

Which medications should be avoided when using cannabinoid oil?

Research on CBD and fibromyalgia has shown that this product can lead to a drop in blood pressure. If you are taking drugs meant for blood pressure, it is recommended to avoid CBD. Also, epilepsy medication must never be mixed with it either. This is why it is important to consult a medic before using this product.

How is cannabinoid extracted?

According CBD oil fibromyalgia forum, most experts use CO2 that is heated to draw it from cannabis plant. After extraction, the product is suspended on oil.

For how long does cannabinoid remain in the body?

According to fibromyalgia and CBD oil reports, it stays for seven days. If you are expected to be tested for drugs, avoid THC since it can appear on the test.


If you have tried fibromyalgia pain relief without drugs without any success then it is time you give cannabinoid oil a try. This is the only best treatment for this condition and a lot of people have reported that it works. But ensure to consult a doctor first especially if you are under other medications. In fact, the doctors can even recommend other drugs that you can use alongside cannabinoid oil for fibromyalgia in order to achieve the best results quickly. It should however be noted that long-term results are not guaranteed. Research is going on to determine whether this product can cure fibromyalgia completely