All You Need To Know About Compressed Air Dryers.

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Air dryers work by extracting water from pressurized gas, hence lowering its dew point. When the proper circumstances exist, moisture in compressed air can reach the dew point and condense into a hazardous liquid. This could be a serious issue because it could contaminate your goods or machinery, result in frozen pipes, create corrosion, or create difficulties.

For varieties of industrial uses, Compressed Air Dryers are pieces of machinery that extract water vapor from pressurized air. When it comes to a variety of moisture-sensitive applications, compressed air dryers were practically essential. What is the process of an air compressor? Air dryers are available in a variety of designs and work in various ways.


Vary based on the type of air dryers you use, each air dryer’s operation and how it shields compressed air against extra moisture will change. We often utilize one of the following dryer types using compressed air systems:

Stored in the fridge Dryers: The refrigerated drier is the most typical sort of air drier you will find inside an industrial compressed air system. These operate utilizing a straightforward system that uses one or more heating elements to cool the hot pressurized gas, condense off the majority of the water, and transfer the water through a divider with an automated drain. These are frequently the greatest and most cost-effective options if you’re looking for a dryer at an affordable price and aren’t working in situations that require a particularly high drying capacity.

Desiccant Dryers – If their products or surroundings can’t take any moisture at all, you could be better off using a desiccant dryer if you’re in a circumstance where the air is vulnerable to extremely low temperatures. These dryers absorb water from the compressed air using a substance like activated alumina. The desiccant drier can be heated, heatless, or air purge units, among many other variations.

Dryers for Speciality Gas and Liquids – If your business deals with unusual or hazardous liquids and gases including such phenol, butane, protons, or landfill gas, that must be dried, there are specialty dryers made to reduce the moisture content from these goods safely.


Dryers that use membranes are incredibly effective at removing moisture from the air as it enters the system and lowering the dew point. As they don’t need electricity, are simple to maintain, and are silent, they are growing in popularity.

Deliquescent Dryers – Deliquescent dryers are an additional manufacturer of affordable, electricity-free air driers that function using a pressure vessel holding a tablet that dissolves to capture water vapor.