How to stitch and make a 10×10 canopy tent?

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Canopy tents help to provide shelter from the weather while engaging in various outdoor activities. They are so well-liked by all types of adventurers because of this. It’s a dependable camping gear that comes in various sizes, just like camp chairs.

Design: A computer application like Adobe Illustrator is used to create the initial designs for a custom 10×10 canopy tent Here they create one or two designs. We may add logos, lettering, walls, tablecloths, and other things here. We transmit the art files to the printing team as soon as the client accepts the design.

Printing – Coating: 

Using digital printers, advertising vinyl or polyester substances are produced. The tent parts are then covered with a UV-protective coating after completely dried ink. This will prevent the images from fading. After that, the coated portions are hung to dry.

Cut and heat-seal: After the UV-protective coating has been removed, The tent templates are hand cut after the coating has completely cured. Big machines melt the pieces together, forming water-proof joints each time. Those cut sections will then be assembled to form the roof using welding, or “heat-sealing.” The tents are waterproof because of this method of fusing various material components.


It is the final stage of manufacture. After using the heat sealing equipment to build the tent and walls, we add the finishing touches by stitching and strengthening the corners.

We checked the heavy tent for quality control as the finished product. To ensure that every stage in our production facility was completed in line with our standards, we double verify a variety of things, including tent installation on the authorized frame and a general list of the production process.


It offers protection against the sun

One advantage of canopy tents is that they offer protection from the sun’s rays. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and colorful, canopy tents offer shade and protection from the scorching sun, which is crucial whether you’re holding your event in the summer or late afternoon. The tents also protect the furniture and objects you’ll use for your event.

Several customization and design possibilities

Due to its availability in various sizes, shapes, and designs, canopy tents are typically chosen for outdoor activities.

Since canopy tents are designed with mobility in mind, one benefit is that they are simple to erect, move, and deconstruct.